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About us

Buxton / Bad Nauheim Twinning Association is a voluntary organisation which has existed in some form since xxxx to promote contacts with Bad Nauheim.

bad nauheim Twinning Association

The Parnerschaftsverein Bad Nauheim e.V. is the organisation which supports the contact to all of Bad Nauheim's twin towns. Those towns being: Bad Lagensalza (former East Germany); Buxton (UK); Chaumont (France); Oostkamp (Belgium).

Bad Nauheim Partnerschaftsverein


The team

Photo of Bad Nauheim twinning committee at their annual general meeting: 

Left to right

Hans-Peter Thyssen          Chair

Albert Mobs                      Vice chair

Wolfgang Mahr                 Committee member

Robert Philipp                   Treasurer

Christina Thyssen              Secretary

We wish to express our sympathy for the passing of Wolfgang Mahr on 1st May 2021. He was chair of the Bad Nauheim twinning committee from 1986 to 2019, then becoming honorary Chair.

BN Team
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