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A brief History

High peak and wetterau Twinnings

1968 High Peak / Wetterau Twinning

Chapel en le Frith Rural District Council twinned with Friedberg/Hessen district in 1968. More or less at the same time High Peak was formed (taking in Chapel RDC), Wetterau was formed (taking in Friedberg).

High Peak is now twinned direct with Wetterau, and the 25th anniversary was celebrated in 1993.

1986 Buxton / Bad Nauheim Twinning

Bad Nauheim is an active spa town in Wetterau, twinned with the spa town of Buxton. The twinning had been talked about for many years, and was finally achieved in 1986.

Bad Vilbel


1987 Glossop / Bad Vilbel Twinning

Bad Vilbel is also in the Wetterau and has been twinned with Glossop since 1987. 

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