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Buxton Artist visits Bad Nauheim

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Buxton artist Pam Smart visits Bad Nauheim. She will be representing Buxton in an exhibition in Bad Nauheim next year.

Pam comments on her visit:

Bad Nauheim was fantastic and I had a wonderful holiday there, such a beautiful town and we had great weather all week. I enjoyed a visit to the Sprudelhof - a huge spa baths complex and the largest Art Nouveau site in Europe.

Unfortunately quite a bit of the site is being renovated, but we managed to see some of the interior when visiting an exhibition of art nouveau ceramics and we were lucky that Albert Mobs from the twin association is a tour guide there and was able to arrange a private tour of bath house 7, which we enjoyed immensely.

I did several sketches of the architectural details

and I’m already planning a painting featuring the architecture from Bad Nauheim.

I met Johannes in the gallery and he was very kind in taking us for a walking tour of the town, including visiting the Trinkkuranlage, the English parks, the rose gardens, Sprudelhof, the salt graduation towers, the town centre and various Elvis Presley sites - we had our photos taken next to the new Elvis statue and had coffee in Hotel Villa Grunelwald, where Elvis lived for six months, whilst doing his national service.

We had ‘cafe and kuchen’ in the park with Hans-Peter, his wife Christina, Johannes & Albert and met again in one of the lovely cafes. There certainly is a good choice of cake in Germany!

We were invited to the gallery preview of the new exhibition featuring work by Bettina Hachman and it was great to see the amazing space that I will be exhibiting in next year.

I need to learn some more German for next time! I learnt a few words whilst I was there, but there’s definitely room for improvement. We had a lovely central apartment which was just a few minutes walk from the town centre, which I can recommend. And directly outside the apartment was a bus stop, where we caught a bus to the neighbouring village of Friedburg.

I gave the chairman of the association, Hans-Peter a gift from Buxton - one of my limited edition prints of the Spring Gardens shops. He sends his best wishes to all the Buxton members. Thank you to all in the Buxton Association for this amazing opportunity to be invited to exhibit my work there. My friend and I would like to join the association and I cant wait to go back!

Best wishes

Pam Smart

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