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Updated: Jun 17

The Buxton and Bad Nauheim twinning associations have been working with Zink to realise a Zink inspired work exchange project.

Work experience in Bad Nauheim has been arranged for 11-15 March 2024 with participants flying on 9th March, an orientation day on 10th March and returning on 16th March. They will undertake tasks in the town parks, an elderly persons' charity, on a website and in a hotel. In the weeks preceding work experience, they will have basic German lessons at Zink HQ.

We are seeking a researcher from Sheffield University to go with the group to observe and interview. With the support of the university, they will produce a report or service evaluation. The purpose is to assess impact on participant's employability and wellbeing of taking part in a work placement abroad and will involve interviews/questionnaires before and after the experience. We hope this will help determine the benefits and encourage more funding in mid-career foreign work placements particularly for those who are less likely to be offered or engaged with such programmes but may be more likely to benefit.

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